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moiSandi loves to scribble and doodle! And now her doodles and computer-generated art are available on a huge selection of gifts, wearing apparel, baby items, articles for the home, and even something for the dog at cafepress.com. She is also a contributing artist with Silhouette America.

Although we can honestly say Sandi has had many birthdays, when she designs and creates, she’s still able to communicate with her inner child. Her work reflects this, and she can make the most everyday items fun.

We’re just starting to put this site together to make Sandi’s designs available. Please bookmark it as we’ll be adding new designs.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello Sandi,

    My question is about your beautiful autumn wreath with leaves i discovered in the Silhouette Design shop. Could you please tell me how you did this with the paper. Do you use all different pieces of paper? Or do i have to look for one piece of paper in different autumn-colors?

    Thank you so much for your reaction,

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