Breakfast with Avocados

I often fix my Breakfast Casserole – it’s quick and easy and yummy! The other day I ran across an article about freezing avocados and decided to give it a try since I always seem to have to toss one or two out when I buy a mesh bag of them at Sam’s Club.
Avocado freezing: I waited until the day all of my avocados seemed “ready”. Then I sliced each in half, removed the pits and used my FoodSaver to freeze them.
This morning, when fixing my casserole, I remembered the avocados in the freezer and decided to try them. Alas, when I took a couple out of the bag, and resealed the bag, I realized that they were too hard to cut, and I didn’t want to toss them in the microwave. So, I just put each side of avocado on top of the uncooked casserole and let them bake.
I thought I might have a problem, wasn’t sure. But, the avocado softened during baking, and they were so easy to take out of the ‘shell’ and spread them on the cooked casserole.
Results? It turned out great. I would have preferred the avocado mixed in with the egg mixture, but this was better than expected. The avocado tasted as good as if it were fresh. Freezing avocado is definitely something I’ll continue to do.
Happy Breakfast!

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