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Some of my Favorite Crafting “Stuff”

It’s wonderful when you’re crafting to find products that you really like.

I must have tried every “sticky” product on the market – tapes, rollers, glue sticks, glue guns – if it’s out there, I have it. I finally found a glue I like. It’s made by Beacon. The tip doesn’t harden and block the glue, it can be repositioned, but it also acts quickly, it’s not messy, and best of all – it’s strong.

I’ve been making a lot of boxes lately that require using ribbon, twine, yarn, whatever. I never seemed to have the size or color that I needed. I found the perfect solution. I’ve used so much of it, but it seems that I haven’t even started using it. Could it be replenishing itself during the night? No, of course not, but it’s a joy to find the right color easily. I keep it in a basket on my desk.

I go through a lot of cardstock since I do a lot of print and cut items. I use it with my laser printer. This is a tad heavier than most brands I’ve purchased, but I use it for cards, boxes, almost all of my projects. It’s a very nice quality. I use the 8.5″x11″, 80 lb. white.

I use a color, laser printer, even though I have an inkjet printer as well. I hate to spend a lot of money on ink cartridges, and it did seem I needed to order them all the time for the inkjet. When I create a print and cut design or planner stickers for Silhouette, I like to print it out to see how the colors show and whether the design ‘works’. I got my laser printer two years ago, and didn’t have to replace the ink cartridges until last month. Amazing, because I do a lot of printing. I am absolutely crazy about this printer. It’s one of the most important devices I have to design and create. Love it.

I can’t rave about favorite products without adding the Milcoast glossy sticker paper. It’s a nice, fat pack of paper for a good price. I haven’t tried their matte sticker paper, but only because when I reorder, I like the glossy so well, I order it again. I use a “kiss” cut for sticker sheets. I have a video to show you how to do it, if you never have.

The Dots & Stripes Collection

Polka Dots and Stripes on many different designs – using the same colors. You can purchase the designs in my Silhouette Design Store – just click on the design.

Pastel polka dot and/or stripes on designs with coordinated colors on print and cut planner sticker sheets or printable backgrounds. Each element can be cut and printed individually – combine the polka dots and stipes. They can be used on window clings, tags, cards, charts, planners, stamps, scrapbooking, labels – wherever you can put a sticker or label! They can be re-sized without affecting the quality. Several coordinated, matching designs and backgrounds are available in our Silhouette store.

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Using Sticker Designs for Quick and Easy Projects

I’ve designed several sheets of stickers and alphabets that are print and cut. Did you know that you can combine them, without the cut lines, to put on tags, cards, labels  – lots of projects. The majority of these have been saved as individual designs, rather than one solid design, so it’s easy to use one, two or more for other projects. For this example, I used Silhouette Design Store #130664.


First, open the print and cut sticker(s) set you want to use. Ungroup all items.


Choose the separate designs you want to use. I put them over on the side, away from the work space. I don’t include the cut lines because I’ll be combining them. I then do a copy, and I open a new window – where I then paste the pieces.


You just have to grab the corners to re-size them. Other tools would be used –  arranging them, sending to front or back… the standards. On this one, I made a 5″x5″ rectangle which I’ll use for the front of a greeting card.

5aAnd, voila, my card is ready to print and cut. I left the sun to overlap over to the back so that it’s not a choppy look. The left side will be cut when the card is cut out.


The finished card.

I also used another sticker sheet to put a pair of flip flops, using the foam adhesive dots. I also added some starfish and drew in a little sand. You can either use the components on the card, or make new cut lines to cut each out individually.

Update: Now here’s the really fun part. I sent my card to my friend Carol Campbell and was so surprised when she sent a picture of it on display on her mantle. How special is that? I’m honored. I guess in this day and age of texting, emails, twitter, facebook, etc., we forget the loveliness of receiving snail mail. I must get better at making cards and sending them. Yes, I had to include the “sending them” because I’m really bad at it. IMG_1001

Summer Fun Design ID #’s

Click on photo for larger view – All designs in the Summer Fun group can be mixed and matched.

Springtime Week of April 4th NEW DESIGNS!

As a artist/designer, I get so motivated when each new season comes around. Not just because of the cold or heat or changing of leaves – but the inspiration that it brings. It’s Spring – and everything is brighter. This week I’ve chosen flip flop themed designs… again and also some springtime rhinestone designs. You can find them in my sectiion of the Silhouette Design Store!

Rhinestone Templates

Have you tried cutting rhinestone templates yet?
I’ve designed a lot of rhinestone designs and have used many of the ones by other artists on Silhouette. In a lot of these, I used metall studs instead of rhinestones. They make great gifts when ironed onto totes, aprons, shirts – whatever! My rhinestone designs are available on my website or in the Silhouette Design Store.

Paw Print Heart Gift/Tote Bag

Spaw_print_toteilhouette Store Design ID #113647

I created this tote using glitter HTV and one of my own designs – the paw print heart. The HTV is so easy to cut and weed. I use a 4 setting for the blade (unless it’s a new one – #3), and 4 and 18 as the other settings. I’ve never (knock on wood) had a problem, and I’ve cut a lot of the vinyl.

Instead of giving a gift in a paper gift bag, it’s fun to make the bag as a part of the gift. The bags are approximately 13″ by 9″ and can be used for:

  • a shopping tote
  • arts & crafts tote
  • Bible tote
  • beach bag
  • school tote
  • summer camp tote
  • diaper bag
  • grocery tote
  • office tote.