Assemblying a 3D Star

These instructions are for all the star designs I’ve made. The sample I’m using for the assembly is the 5-to-a page (8.5″x11″). The size is approx. 7″ from one side point to the other.
1. Cut out all the pieces and fold all fold lines. Glue the tab on the one side to the inside of the other side. Do all five pieces.

All pieces should look like these:

Fold the opposite way.

Glue or use tape to attach two of the points together,

until all five points are attached.

The inside of all five points:

Open and fan out the points until point 1 meets point 5.
Glue the final tabs together to close and complete the star. I usually tie a ribbon or use a rubber band to hold the points together while they bond.
Voila, a star!