How to apply rhinestones

Instructions: how to apply a rhinestone iron on template

Needed: an iron
and rhinestone transfers

An ironing board or hard surface.
Suitable Fabrics: any fabric that can withstand a minimum of 290-300 degrees F, (wool setting on iron). These generally include: cotton, wool, Lycra, stretch Velour, Polyesters, nylon, Linen, Denim, Silk. Therefore, most T-shirts, Leotards, shirts, skirts, Jeans, pants, blouses, hats, and sweaters are suitable. FIRST! Test iron or heat press at settings advised by applying heat to area and applying heat with pressure for 25-30 seconds.

Colored items may change color when hot, but usually return to normal when they cool. IF any damage due to heat (melting, scorching, etc.) the item is unsuitable for transfer work. Be very careful of Acrylics, Acetates (generally unfriendly to this process), and anything white. If discoloration occurs to white T-Shirts, this will usually disappear when washed, but testing is the operative word.

Begin by placing, t-shirt, tote bag, apron – anything you choose on a hard surface.

Peel the sheet of cover (it is textured) from one side and across the rhinestone design.

Check the design and be sure that no rhinestones are out of place. If there are any, just carefully move them to where they should be.

Place it on the item, face down – rhinestones up. Position it the way you want it to be.

Stand back to be sure you’re happy with the placement. You can reposition it at this point – tweezers work well.

Cover the design with a piece of paper or a thin handkerchief, muslin- or any cloth you have (not too thick).

Get your iron (no steam)

Apply hot heat for 20 seconds. Hold it still, don’t move the iron. Apply a little presure to be sure the heat travels down through the rhinestones, to the glue on the base. Once you’ve applied enough heat, let the plastic cool for about 10 to 15 seconds to be sure the glue has stuck well and dried on the item. Slowly peel the backing away by holding one corner – then peel. If you see any rhinestones coming off, it means the glue hasn’t melted enough. You can place the sheet back on the rhinestones and give it a little more heat.

It really is so fast and easy.