Party Set Instructions

These party set instructions apply for all of our party sets that are set up like this.

The party sets are a fun decoration for a party, luncheon or just when you’re serving dessert. I love Frappuccinos, and save the bottles because there are so many possibilities for decorating them.   The cupcake wrapper set includes a cupcake wrapper (which can be re-sized), two different cupcake toppers (simply glue to a toothpick) and an extra cutout.
The bottle label sheet contains a Frappuccino bottle label, a water bottle label, a hang tag and extra matching stickers.

The cupcakes I’ve used are faux cupcakes. Honestly, my real one’s look MUCH better.

Products I’ve used:
Polar Bear Cupcake Wrapper & Topper
Polar Bear Bottle Wraps & Stickers
Polar Bear Silverware Holder
Polar Bear Wine Tag