Pity Party Stuff

Disclaimer: Pity Parties are different than deep depression. If your depression lasts longer than a simple 'case of the blues' and causes you to lose sleep, energy and appetite, or feel hopeless, it's important to seek help.    

Everyone feels the need for a pity party…  occasionally. Pity parties are for daily annoyances, bad days, a friend is mean, you’ve had your heart broken, your new dress is torn – the little things. Big losses – family and/or friends, losing a home or job or a pet don’t really qualify for pity party status. Those require true grieving.
I time my pity party. Long, drawn out pity parties take up too much time, tears and energy. I usually give myself an hour or two to eat, drink, whine, berate myself and cry. Once the alarm goes off, I’m done. Sounds easy. It’s not, but with practice, it can be achieved. A pity party with friends is even more fun, and I’ve designed party decorations so you can go all out.
No healthy foods are allowed during a pity party – junk food only. The more calories, the better. And, the official outfit for the pity party is definitely jammies or sweats. If you feel crappy, you surely don’t want to dress up or put makeup on.
Sad music playing is always good. Two of my favorite pity party songs are listed, but there are plenty available.
The final song for my pity party is always:

“I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor
You can choose your own, and make a tradition of it.
So what do I say now…
have fun at your pity party… or
have a sad time at your pity party?


Pity Party Tissue Box
Use an 8.5″x11″ sheet of light colored cardstock. Open the design in Silhouette Design Studio, and print the design using registration marks. Place it on a cutting mat and cut out the one piece design. When completed, just stuff a tissue into it, and pull it partly out, to resemble a normal box of tissues. Click photo for a larger view.

Pity Party Bottle Labels and Planner Stickers
I’ve done a print and cut with mine using sticker paper.
Sticker paper. For a very long time, I used the ‘sticker’ setting on my Cameo. A few months ago, I learned about the kiss cut. I’m just learning how to do videos, so I made one, just for the kiss cut.