Pop Up Card in a Box-Instructions

Several of my Pop Up Card in a Box designs have different formats, but the basics are the same. Some need each outside panel assembled, some are printed directly on the base base. The video shows the basics and can be adapted to the card you’re working on.

Note: the instructions can also be used for the print and cut card in a box, which just requires printing and cutting and no patterned panel assembly required. Instead of patterned paper, you’ll use plain paper of your choice or cardstock (preferred).

Assembling the Pop Up Card in a Box:
You’ll  need:
Card, patterned paper, ruler, glue or double sided tape, wire or acetate strips and elements/embellishments to fill your box (a print and cut sheet comes with the box base).
Available pop up boxes

Cut out all the design pieces in the design file. Use your own patterned or solid colored cardstock for the box base. The elements used are contained on a print and cut sheet. Add registration marks and be sure the cut lines are selected – then print and cut. You won’t need the registration marks when cutting out the box base pieces.
Take the two larger pieces and put them side-by-side with the tab on the inside. Glue the one side only.

Fold as pictured. Leave the one side (back) unfolded.

I like to attach the panels before the final side is glued down.

Glue the remaining three pieces which will be the flaps/sides that fold down.

Place glue/paste/two-sided tape on each of the folded ends of the pieces that will be the dividers/holders in the middle of the base.

The top photo shows one divider. Just glue/paste the one side. These tabs start on the 1st area and finish on the next one. Attach as many as you want, making sure they’re straight. The tops should line up with the fold line.

When you finish lining up the dividers, make sure the glue part is up on the ends – then fold the card to attach it – tab on the inside.

Your box base should now look like the photo.

Now it’s time to decorate your box. Use the included elements and/or add your own. You can add ribbon, twine, buttons, rhinestones – whatever your heart desires.