Using templates to paint numbers on a curb

Please remember that the templates contain a margin area around each piece which will be used as the stencil.



Simple black house numbers on a white background or white house numbers on a black background or a Silhouette template

Prepare Concrete

Use a wire brush to remove dirt and debris.

Mask The Curb Where You Want Your House Numbers Painted

Use 2″ masking tape, create your background area. Cut your template numbers about 3″ high.

Be careful not to crowd the nos. Place your tape across the top of the numbers and along the bottom. Be sure it’s flush against the curb.

The bottom of the background looks best when it’s about 1″ off the street.

Your background should be formed now. Stand back and make sure your placement is right where you want it and everything appears nice and square. Measure your background on one side, then the other to help ensure it’s squareness.

You can tape some old newspapers outside the taped area to prevent over spray.

Paint The Background Of Your Curb Number

The best, most reasonable paint to use for painting address numbers on a curb is Rustoleum Flat Protective Enamel. You can buy it pretty much anywhere, it’s inexpensive, it lasts a long time and it comes in a spray can. Be sure and use “flat” paint. You can paint the background white or black and use the other color for the numbers. Follow label instructions for general use and paint the taped off background.

Prepare Numbering Stencils And Secure Them To The Background

Lay your stencils on a flat surface facing up in the correct order you want them, lining them up at the top and at the bottom. Butt the stencils together at the sides. Tape the stencils together using 3/4″ masking tape. Extra tape beyond the stencils will help you tape the unit into position.

You can tape your stencils into place after just a few short minutes or until the background feels dry to the touch and tape will stick to it.

From top to bottom, the stencils should fit nearly perfect into your background. From side to side, you can easily find the center of the background for placement. Once you have your stencils in position, run a strip of tape all the way around your numbers, making sure your background is completely covered up from getting sprayed.

Paint Your Address Numbers

You may want to wear rubber gloves because as you spray the numbers, you can (and should) press down the stencils as you go to avoid as much under spray as possible. Curbs are rough and under spray is a common issue. Take your time and do a good job. It only takes about 1 minute to spray 4 numbers carefully. Use short bursts and hold the can about 5-8 inches away from the stencils for the best results.

Carefully Remove The Numbering Stencils And Mask

Once you finish painting the numbers, you can begin to remove each layer of masking until everything has been removed. Your curb number is basically done. Once everything has been removed, you can touch up the background or the numbers by spraying a little bit of paint into the cap of the spray paint and using a hobby brush to touch it up. You’ll need paint thinner and a rag to clean your brush.

Now you’re done!