The bells design is 5.7”x6.3” and uses 52 – 10ss and 78 – 20ss rhinestones

The rhinestone bow is 4.4"x4.5" and uses 185 - 10ss rhinestones. Can be used on lots of things.

Strand of rhinestone Christmas lights measures 3.4"x7.9" and uses 258 - 10ss rhinestones.

Rhinestone Christmas lights are 5.7"x9.4" and use 122-16ss and 94-20ss. Fun for all decorating and on clothing too!

Four shapes: Small star – 1.41”x1.5” and uses 25 – 10ss rhinestones Medium star – 2.1”x2.2” and uses 35 – 16ss rhinestones Larger star – 3.3”x3.4” and uses 35 –…

Three different sized trees. One has ornaments on it. You can decorate the others with your own decorations using any Silhouette materials. Small (and decorated) - 4.4"x3.7", using 78 10ss…

Rhinestone "Dear Santa" with two different font looks and sizes. Top is 2.94"x7.7" and uses 184 - 10ss rhinestones. Bottom one is 1.14"x.7" and uses 129 - 10ss rhinestones.

Two sizes of Christmas gingerbread men. Larger is 6.3"x4.8" and uses 83-20ss and 42-10ss rhinestones. The smaller is 5.5"x4.2" and uses 41-10ss, 87-16ss and 3-20ss rhinestones.

Fun rhinestone jingle bells. Use one or two or all three. For all three, they measure 9.7"x8.6" and use 106 - 16ss and 298 - 10ss rhinestones. For just one,…

Merry Christmas 2 – is 3.8”x10.4” and uses 349 – of the 10ss rhinestones.

Merry Christmas – This design measures 3.4”x7.6” and uses 314 – 10ss rhinestones. The Merry Christmas only, without the 3 lines uses 245.

3 rhinestone Christmas ornaments in 3 sizes. #1 - 6.6"x2.4" and uses 52-10ss and 12-20ss rhinestones #2 - 5"x2.7" uses 7-10ss, 41-16ss and 7-20ss #3 - 9.1"x3.8" and uses 7-10ss…

Our rhinestone ducky, wearing a Santa hat is 3.8"x4.1" and uses 180 - 10ss and 1-20ss rhinestones.